​​​Abella, sometimes known as Abella of Salerno, was a mid-14th century physician who studied at and taught general medicine at the Salerno school of medicine and believed to have lectured on standard medical practice and women's health at the medical school in Salerno.

The name Abella derives from the French origin for “Breath,” reflecting our focus on women’s overall healthcare, including birthing.

We emphasize on developing and maintaining long term relationship-based care, inviting you to be actively involved with your care, taking time to discuss your goals and health concerns, and providing materials for home education to encourage and promote healthy life style.

We believe the delivery of your healthcare is a team work between the patient and providers. Our experience has shown that when patient and providers communicate well, the experience can be excellent and patient-providers relationship can remain positive.

Throughout your care, we are here to help you live your life to the fullest!

Abella Medical Group